Robert Yang.png

Robert Yang

Major: Computer Science
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Jericho, NY

Hey folks! My name is Robert and I’m an undergraduate here at Cornell studying in the college of Arts & Sciences. I’ve always had a passion for singing, but I never really revealed my singing talent outside of the shower. I decided to join Chorale because I wanted to push myself to explore something new and to pursue something I enjoy in a professional setting. The Chorale experience has been nothing short of life changing, and I’m very glad that I joined.

My primary interests are computer science, for its versatility and applications, and astronomy, because of the beauty of the cosmos. Outside of Chorale I also participate in Cornell Wushu.

When I’m not getting engaged in clubs, you’ll find me doing course work, playing Avalon with friends or going down at ungodly hours of the night to grab bubble tea.